Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tie One On!

Men's wear is for ladies, too!
Confession: I like a little flare of men's wear in a woman's wardrobe. I think given the right flare, the correct setting, it can totally be pulled off. Look at the popularity of "boyfriend jeans" and "boyfriend cardis." More daring to me, is neck-wear.

I received a tie from the last company I worked for. It was a left-over from an event we had hosted. I've had it for nearly 2 years. And has sat in a box, in my closet. Every now and again as I dig for something in the depths of said closet, I would open up the pristine white box, stare and sigh. If only I could figure out how to wear the pretty tie. Being chubby, I can honestly say button down shirts are not necessarily my thing. What to do?!

The gorgeous Diane Kruger.
The stars must have aligned for me. A couple of weeks ago I grabbed the tie, cut off the tags, threw on a jacket & headed to work with the hopes of being able to tie it. I have to admit- I was freaking giddy all day long. I worked the crap out of that tie. I'll even wear it again.

The Doctor knows best.
Next up on my list: sport a bow tie. Why, you ask? Well because according to The Doctor, "Bow ties are cool." Duh! Yes, I'm a proud nerd and Doctor Who fan (Whovian, if you will).

Bow tie for the wrist! Click here to buy.
Sparkly bow ties are cool too. Find it here.
Until the day when I find a suitable bow tie, I would chime in that accessories are a great way to baby step into more traditional accoutrements. Check out these sparkly things! And throw a tie into your wardrobe. I dare you!

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