Thursday, November 15, 2012

Beauty Is In The Eye...Of You

Artwork by Kandinsky. Beauty or Lines?
We all have heard the time-worn adage: "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." To a certain extent, that is a true statement. We all see and perceive different things when we observe the same objects and people. One person can look at a painting and think it is the most enchanting thing in the world. The next person in line might see just squiggly lines.

I have come to believe that in regards to personal style- beauty is in our own eyes. In order to see beauty in ourselves, we must first believe we are beautiful. And I think some habits and  rituals play into our feelings about our own beauty.

In this day and age women (and girls!) are especially bombarded with messages of what is beautiful, what is accepted, what is "the norm." That is well and good if you are the .03% of the world population who looks like a Victoria's Secret model. But for those of us who are "average," what do we see as composing our beauty?

For me, it comes from 3 sources.
  • First and foremost I believe we emit beauty from the inside out. The better we are as human beings- the more beautiful we become. I've met some exceedingly pretty people, who have turned out to be as ugly as pestilence. My belief is who we are at our core, what is in our hears is that which makes us beautiful. 
  • The second thing that makes me beautiful is my routine. I have a skin care regime, I believe in preventative measures (sunscreen, no smoking, clean living). I also am a firm believer in quality cosmetics. We can discuss types & brands in another. But what I'm getting at is- my own personal efforts are what make me feel beautiful.
  • Finally, a personal sense of style goes a long way in the beauty stakes. I grew up in a poor family and have absolutely NO shame about that. I learned at a young age you can always individualize your clothes and accessories, regardless of your budget or station in life. Its in the details- a sassy pair of earrings you found on clearance, a thrift store blouse, the scarf you borrowed from your neighbor. 
If you happen to question your sense of beauty or worth, stop right here and repeat after me: I AM beautiful and loved. You really and truly are! If you're not feeling up to par, take a look at the things you have power over.  And remember to never give that power over you to anyone.

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