Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sharing Memories with Accessories

In light of a recent family tragedy, I've been thinking about those little things we hold dear. Not just the relationships. That is, of course, the most important thing we can possess- links to one another. But as a light fades, and life slips away, the living are often left with little mementos of loved ones.

My "Love" Necklace.:)

I have a ridiculous amount of jewelry. A little of it is fine jewelry. Much of it would be considered mere baubles. But many things hold special significance. The silver necklace I bought in San Francisco China Town with a friend which symbolizes Love. The over-the-top cocktail earrings & matching brooch a friend "lent" me 23 years ago. The Tree of Life earrings my sister gave my mom, daughter & I for Christmas last year. The delicate ribbon scarf my mom wove for me. The world might not lend much value to these items, but to me they are irreplaceable.

Bow earrings to reminder someone of your love?.
As I look, touch these items, it makes me feel like I have a connection to the people and things I love. That connection magically brings to life wonderful, funny, outrageous memories. It prompts over-due phone calls and late night texts full of "LOLs".

Winged necklace to remember dreams to be chased.
While its nice to have fine things. I know the most important things in life are NOT things, but the loving thoughts we associate with them.

As you do your Christmas shopping, think about not just purchasing a gift, but about telling a story and sharing something meaningful. I think it makes the gifts that much richer.

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