Friday, November 30, 2012

Casual Fridays

Let me be clear: I work in Marketing, specifically on the Creative side of the spectrum. So, the expectation of my work attire is pretty low. When I began working for my new company, I asked about the dress code. The answer was a puzzled look followed with, "Uh...don't wear shorts."
Yes- Geek Chic is an actual trend.

Lucky for everyone in the office, I like to keep a business casual vibe. Dress pants or jeans, along w/ tops, cardis, scarves, jackets...whatever. Sometimes I wear converse (gasp!). But Friday? Oh, my lovely Fridays. They are all about empowering my freedom of nerdy expression.

After just a couple of months, even the receptionist would say every Friday morning, "Oh! It must be Friday. She's wearing a Friday Shirt!" That translates to: Check out the weird Harry Potter/Marvel/DC Comics/Kung Fu shirt I'm sporting. I do not have a large disposable income, so when I do purchase a "Friday" shirt, I try to make it cheeky & original. For example, my Hunger Games tee simply says, "Mellark Bakery." Subtle, yet in my mind- Brilliant!

Super-hero style ring?
Modern Wonder Woman Cuff?
Then I put my own little spin on casual. It's not called Sloppy Fridays (that's another post). I might be rockin' my Buddha Sketchers & a quirky shirt, but I make sure I've got makeup on, am wearing cute accessories, and my hair doesn't look like I just rolled out of hibernation. Why? It just makes me feel better. I might be casual, but I still feel put-together. I'm NO runway model, but I want to look the best I can.

What's your Casual Friday like? Feel free to sound off or ask any questions. And don't forget to hit up my boutique: House of Josefina for your Geek Chic accessories. 'Tis the season! Make your Fridays...and other days just that much brighter.

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